Improve Your Golf Swing With Instant Feedback!

Birdie gives you precise feedback on every swing, helping you correct mistakes in real time. It’s easy to bring anywhere, and you can even use it without a ball!

  • Instantly Identifies Slices, Hooks & More!
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors, With or Without a Ball
  • Portable, Compact & Virtually Unbreakable
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Suitable for All Skill Levels
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Lightweight & Portable

The Birdie Practice Mat Pro uses a sequin-based system to give you instant feedback on every swing. When your club touches the mat, the sequins will flip, showing your club’s exact path. This allows you to identify common mistakes and fix them on the very next swing.

Clear, Reliable Feedback — The Results Never Lie!

Experts agree: It’s nearly impossible to improve without feedback. But coaches are expensive — and nobody’s perfect! That’s why even professionals use Birdie to get instant, unquestionable feedback that is precise to the millimeter. Everyone from beginners to professionals can benefit from Birdie’s watchful eye!

Easy To Use

The Birdie Practice Mat Pro requires no batteries, no setup, and no learning curve to use. Simply set the mat down and swing your club! It works with or without a ball making it the perfect indoor and outdoor swing aid. When you’re done, just pick it up by the handle and slide it under the couch, beside the fridge, or anywhere you have a few inches to spare.

Birdie is an excellent companion on the course or at the driving range… but that’s just the beginning. Thanks to the instant feedback system, you can use Birdie without a ball to improve your swing on-the-go!

Save Money & Time While Improving Faster

Forget fetching balls, wasting money at the driving range, or swinging aimlessly without making any improvements (and possibly reinforcing bad habits). Only Birdie can guide you as you make real improvements to your game, anywhere you go!

The Uses Are Endless!

Use Birdie to improve your drive during your lunch break, spot-fix a bad habit in the middle of a round, get more out of your coaching sessions, and so much more. If you have space to take a swing, you can improve it with Birdie!